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october 2017


From October 18 to October 22, 2017, Fieldwork:Marfa is proud to present free chauffeured drives of Better to Lose Your Head Than Use It (BTLYH), a choreographed road-trip with audio-drama created by 2011 Fieldwork:Marfa Artist-in-Residence, Emily Verla Bovino.

Better to Lose Your Head Than Use It (BTLYH) takes listeners on a journey through the region of Chichimeca, from artist Donald Judd's The Chinati Foundation/La Fundación Chinati (1986) to the borderlands gravesite of Ramon and Salvador Karam, a Lebanese peddler and his son murdered in 1918. The road-trip is choreographed to an audio-drama that follows near-future incidents in the afterlife of RK, a fictional biological specimen.

with Marfa Book Company
We hope to see you there!
For more on RK-LOG, visit: rk-log.net
For the BTLYH web platform, visit: bettertoloseyourhead-rklog.net