Terms of residency


Terms of residency

Fieldwork: Marfa provides workspace and accommodation for the duration of the residency in Marfa, as well as a research grant up to $2,000 ($1,000 per month) based on the time of their stay. 


Every year the Fieldwork: Marfa research program welcomes four emerging artists, curators or researchers seeking to begin or pursue research in research topics facilitated by Marfa's background. Applicants must be over 21 years old and with a few years’ work experience.

Selection criteria

Six researchers-in-residence are selected. The selection panel bases its decision on the relevance of the research project presented, the applicant's profile and whether or not the project can be conducted synergistically with the other proposals selected.

The project

The proposed projects must be expressed in English and should include a presentation of the objectives, necessary resources and methods used. One fundamental requirement is for the project to blend with the environment of Marfa, of Texas : residents should factor the site's unique features into their projects. Applicants are encouraged to share how they intend to use the resources, time and space put at their disposal for the duration of the residency.


The Fieldwork: Marfa research program recruits artists or theoreticians internationally. English is the language of communication. Applicants are, therefore, expected to be proficient in written and spoken English.

Research period

The Fieldwork: Marfa research program is based on a one-year academic cycle. This period, during which researchers develop their own personal projects, is punctuated by a number of pre-planned milestones:

  • A two-month residency period in Marfa followed by a public presentation of their ongoing research at the Fieldwork: Marfa gallery;
  • A feedback period, during which the residents continue their work and present their research through the organization of seminars and workshops, meetings with teachers and students from partner schools and guest participants.
  • The Fieldwork: Marfa annual meeting, held during the month of October in Marfa, invite hand-selected outside speakers to share their research and work through the issues raised through the year of the residency program.
  • An online publication is constructed with the researcher-in-residence throughout the year. The editorial object is thought less as a report of the residency experience than as an extension of it.
  • On the website are published a series of texts, video-portaits, various documents, and contributions by experts and guests participants showcasing research outputs and developments.

The rest of the time, the researchers-in-residence are remotely but personally in touch with one of the research directors at at ESBA Nantes Métropole, or HEAD-Genève.

The Fieldwork: Marfa research program is an opportunity for emerging artists, critics or researchers to develop their research outside the academic system. It is, therefore, not a degree course.