Fieldwork: Marfa


Fieldwork: Marfa

ESBA Nantes Métropole and HEAD-Genève present Fieldwork: Marfa, an international researcher-in-residence program for emerging artists, curators and/or researchers located in Marfa, Texas, USA – at 408 East Texas Street, Marfa, Texas 79843, USA.

Fieldwork: Marfa is the joint project of two major European art schools, ESBA Nantes Métropole and HEAD-Genève. This international researcher-in-residence program is dedicated to the practice of art in public space, critical approaches to landscape and artistic projects based on field investigation methods. Residents are selected on the basis of the singularity of specific projects they present.

Fieldwork: Marfa caters to emerging artists, curators and/or researchers whose projects require immersion into the specific environment of Marfa and Texas territory, and encourages the development of experimental research methods, diverse modes of inquiries and fieldwork practices. The program comes with a research grant, enabling the applicants to stay in Marfa for a two-months period and to unfold their research with the support of a series of professional partners and educational structures. 

Fieldwork: Marfa is an inter-school research group that provides a framework for the incursions and endeavors of researchers-in-residence. The work itself fuels various joint projects, in the form of an ongoing annual program based on the participants' residency schedules:

  • A series of workshops and symposia alternating between the three schools, including working sessions;
  • A schedule of meetings based on the research projects, held on home ground, in Marfa;
  • An editorial and communication program showcasing the contributions or reports from various researchers, students or occasional guests.

The program relies on a collaborative network of like-minded international art schools and universities, research structures, art institutions and cultural events (The Contemporary Austin, Department of Art + Art History at UT Austin, Marfa Book Company, Albuquerque UNM Art&Ecology department, Blaffer Art Museum and The school of Art at the University of Houston, Center for Land Use Interpretation, L.A, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Le Grand Café, Saint Nazaire).

Outside residency periods, Fieldwork: Marfa welcomes a platform of off-site workshops driven by art schools: "Accident de parcours" (changing course) Master's research program (ESBA – Nantes), "ALPes – Art, Lieu, Paysage, espace sonore" (Art, Landscape, Place, sound space) postgraduate program (HEAD-Genève) and invited art schools like in 2014, Albuquerque UNM Art&Ecology department, 2012 "Research Group Art and Public Space" (Gerrit Rietveld Academie – Amsterdam) and Ecole des beaux-arts de Clermont-Ferrand FR.


With the support of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy,

the Consulate General of France in Houston, Texas.

and the Institut Français - Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et du

Développement international et du Ministère de la Culture et de la

Communication/ DGCA.


With the support of the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art, Genève.