The Fieldwork: Marfa team


The Fieldwork: Marfa team

Nantes Art School
Director: Pierre-Jean Galdin
Research Director and Coordinator: Ida Soulard

Communication: Mai Tran
Event manager : Leïla Zerrouki
Transportation: Hubert Bernier
Finances and administration: Karine Bellosta, assisted by Annie Lahue and Angélique Delhommeau
US-based Fieldwork: Marfa program coordinator: Kate Yoland
Associated artists and researchers: Emmanuelle Chérel, Véronique Terrier-Hermann

With the support of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the Consulate General of France in Houston, Texas. 

Director: Jean-Pierre Greff
Research director: Yann Chateigné

Coordination : Odile Quennoz
Associated artists and researchers: Emmanuelle Antille, Pascal Beausse, Katharina Hohmann, Pierre Leguillon, Valérie Mavridorakis, Mai-Thu Perret, Bruno Serralongue, Frank Westermeyer, Ingrid Wildi Merino....

With the support of the Fondation Gandur pour l'Art, Genève.

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